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Corporate Profile

About PRO-C

David Johnson, CEO

About PRO-C

PRO-C is a private limited company that over the past 20 years has prepared strategic specialised consultancy services for its' clients.

From it's headquarters in Canada, PRO-C's consulting projects have been undertaken on a global basis including Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Johannesburg and Istanbul to name but a few. In recent years our focus has shifted towards providing analysis, research and strategic planning in all phases of plaintiff class action litigation.

In this regard we utilise our resources to work with a variety of testifying experts, including prominent faculty and professional experts in a plethora of fields. We collaborate with the plaintiff's legal team providing general business acumen as well as specific expertise in negotiation and strategic planning.

PRO-C prides itself in maintaining a low profile and the stricktest client confidentiality.

David Johnson, CEO

David Johnson is the co-founder and CEO of PRO-C limited. David is married with four children. David brings to the table 40 years of business experience. David majored in law, computer science and economics at University and has applied his education in operating and managing both private and public companies.

His broad spectrum of worldwide business experience has enabled David to provide a strong understanding of complex situations and an ability to implement strategic gameplans and negotiating services for his clients.

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